Montana State Old-Time Fiddlers' Association

The MSOTFA, founded in 1963, offers events, activities, and educational opportunities for musicians and listeners of all ages. 

We invite you to come and dance, play a tune, or just sit back and listen at a Sunday afternoon district jam, held regularly around the state. 

Come and share the enthusiasm of students and instructors at our annual Montana Fiddle Camp. 

Visit Choteau in July and participate in our Montana State Fiddle Contest. 

Come join us, see what we have to offer!

State Officers

President- Isaac Callender

Vice President- Sandy James

Secretary- Louise Steinway

Treasurer- Infinity Thompson

District 1- Alida Wright

District 2- Dick Peterson

District 3- Joan Holborn

District 4- Benny L Lewis

District 8- Louise Steinway